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kathyVogel squareCarrie Danger is working on becoming a radio veteran one day, with over a decade in the business, it’s still a genuine passion you can hear through your speakers. 

Her love for the craft started from a young age, listening to music and the local radio shows in her hometown of Clarksville, TN. Through the years, that fire has only grown with the magic of music and comradery on your daily commute or whatever activity you enjoy the radio to. 

Tune in on your drive home weekdays 2-7pm and check out the Danger Zone weekdays at 6pm for the latest, from bands you know and love and some you might not have heard of.


Wednesday, 22 March 2023 19:07

Danger Zone - Arlo Parks & Beach Weather

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Tonight in the Danger Zone I am featuring two songs that focus on growth and self awareness.  That's the beauty of music, you can be going through just about anything and find a song that really speaks to you and in some cases for you.  To start we have Arlo Parks, a young musician who is finding her footing through her 20's, is able to take these new experiences and turn it into something beautiful with her new single 'Weightless'. You can watch the video below. Arlo Parks will release her second studio album 'My Soft Machine' May 26th.   …
Tuesday, 21 March 2023 19:11

Music & Mental Health

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Hey guys, so tonight I thought I would touch on mental health and music. As we all know music is so good for the soul, if we are sad, happy and even indifferent.  Today I had my regular walk in this beautiful weather and even though I didn't have music playing (I like to listen to nature) there was a song in my heart that kept playing on repeat. THEN I was thinking about all the ways we can take care of ourselves. You can move your body in whatever way feels right, listen to your favorite music or new…
Monday, 20 March 2023 18:14

Danger Zone - Tame Impala

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Tonight in the Danger Zone I will feature the latest release from Tame Impala. Kevin Parker aka Tame Impala has gotten into the movie business, reworking Elvis Presley's "Edge of Reality" for the recent Elvis biopic and contributing to "Turn up The Sunshine" with Diana Ross for Minions: The Rise of Gru.  Not only that but he was featured on "New Gold" along with Bootie Brown for the Gorillaz latest album 'Cracker Island' released Feb 24th 2023.  Tame Impala has now contributed to the forthcoming Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, out March 31.  The single is called "Wings of Time". The…
Thursday, 16 March 2023 19:13

"Do I have to go?"

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As we get to another holiday focused on drinking, I am more aware of my age than ever! Going out for St. Patty's Day doesn't sound appealing anymore. For one, the pubs are packed, you're more likely to over drink and please don't ever drink and drive.  Making plans for St. Patty's Day got me thinking about plans in general and how it's a running joke with my friends that we always WANT to do something but the day comes and we slightly regret agreeing to go out.  Turns out it's a pretty normal thing for most people. Make plans…
Thursday, 16 March 2023 18:24

Danger Zone

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The Danger Zone is a great feature to listen to the lastest from artists you know as well as artists you might not have heard of yet. Each night I try and pair two songs that work together, for instance tonight I'll be featuring two artists who will be dropping their new albums tomorrow, March 17th.  100 Gecs will be releasing their 2nd studio album, 10,000 Gecs  M83 is releasing their 9th studio album, Fantasy  Listen in to the DZ to hear a track from each upcoming album and see what you think!  -CD  
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