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kathyVogel squareHey guys! Carrie Danger here and I’m the new evening host for 107.3 Alternative Cleveland. 

My broadcasting journey started in 2010 in Lima, Ohio as a morning tech extraordinaire. In 2011 I was granted the opportunity to host the afternoon drive show on 95.3 WLKR in Norwalk, Ohio. For 6 years I was privileged to bring music, information, and smiles to the locals of the Firelands. 

After an adventurous few years in North Carolina, I decided to move back to the Northeast Ohio and was welcomed back in at Elyria-Lorain Broadcast Company as board operator and weekend show host. During this time I also hosted “Carrie-Okee” at the local pub! 

Fast forward, I find myself excited to bring you the latest in Alternative music and events around our community. 

In my down time you can find me reading, hanging with my two awesome cats, and of course listening to music while doing yard work.


Thursday, 01 June 2023 18:44

Cinnamon & Bone Thugs w/ Carrie Danger

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Happy June, Happy LGBT Pride Month!  We will dive into the importance of Pride Month at a later date but ONLY because it’s the 1st and today is the day of the month you might practice a Cinnamon Abundance Ritual in your home. So let’s get into it!  You may be thinking, Carrie Danger… this is a bit out there don’t ya think? Yeah I know but hear me out… it’s actually really rad and such a cool way to bring a higher vibration to your home.  I have been practicing this monthly ritual for exactly a year now and…
Tuesday, 30 May 2023 19:20

New Music w/ Carrie Danger

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Hey everyone, we are back and ready for action. I hope you enjoyed our Throwback Weekend just as much as we did!  As you know we do play new music as well and I wanted to highlight some albums that are dropped this Friday (June 2nd) so you don’t miss out!  I’ll go in alphabetical order just to be fair, also I am not listing EVERYTHING because there is quite a few. I linked a song from each album below and you might know a few from the Danger Zone.  The Aquadolls are going to be dropping their 4th studio…
Friday, 26 May 2023 19:54

Memorial Day w/ Carrie Danger

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Hey everyone, tonight I thought I would write about the holiday weekend ahead of us.  Memorial Day Weekend, regarded as the unofficial start of summer but let’s not forget what Memorial Day is about.  Originally known as Decoration Day, the first national observance of Memorial Day occurred on May 30, 1868. From 1868 to 1970, it was observed on May 30th. In 1971, Congress standardized the holiday as "Memorial Day" and changed its observance to the last Monday in May. Of course it’s always nice to have a weekday off work but don’t forget the reason we do. Coming from…
Thursday, 25 May 2023 18:52

Grandma Louise Day w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to highlight my Grandma Louise, we were able to spend the day together and boy did we have fun!  To say that I am lucky to have my Grandma at the age of 34 is an understatement. She is so strong and incredible and such a great role model for the youths of the family.  My Gram loves tea so we popped into the New World in Wadsworth and right next door we experienced this adorable shop called Uniquely Handmade You with over 100 local vendors.  Funny moment: the owner of Uniquely Handmade You is…
Wednesday, 24 May 2023 19:37

Earthing w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello everyone!  Today I wanted to talk about something I personally believe in and practice daily.  Earthing also known as Grounding.  Basically, you stand/walk outside in grass, mud, and water barefoot. It’s really that easy to improve your mood, increase circulation, reduce inflammation and get a bit more in touch with this big beautiful planet we have for a short time.  There are plenty of studies on this topic but I’ll reference The National Institute of Health.  “Grounding or earthing refers to direct skin contact with the surface of the Earth, such as with bare feet or hands, or with…
Tuesday, 23 May 2023 19:35

The Grog Shop and Hessler w/ Carrie Danger

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Hey there!  So over the weekend I was able to attend ‘An Ode to Hessler’ at The Grog Shop with a friend of mine. We had no idea what we were in for.  Upon arrival we are told the vendors are downstairs along with the food. It was so great to see a few local artists and businesses there for support. You already know the first thing I did was buy a t-shirt.    The food was great, the atmosphere was pretty chill.  Upstairs the music had started up, jam bands and great energy all around. I kept hearing “can…
Monday, 22 May 2023 19:56

World Goth Day w/ Carrie Danger

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Today is World Goth Day! Now I am not part of the Goth community however I love the look, the lifestyle, the vibe… all of it!  The Official World Goth Day site defines it as “a day where the goth scene gets to celebrate its own being, and an opportunity to make its presence known to the rest of the world.”  This day originated in the UK in 2009, a smaller scale celebration of the gothic subculture inspired from a broadcast of a special set of shows on BBC Radio 6.  UK-based Goth DJ currently known as ‘BatBoy Slim” (love…
Happy Friday everyone!  Today is National Pizza Party Day and I think it’s safe to say… just about everyone enjoys this precious cuisine. Red sauce, white sauce, pepperoni, cheese… dare I say PINEAPPLE!  This reminded me of memories from days past such as the weekly skating parties at the local skating rink.  In my home town we had Magic Wheels. It was THE SPOT. In elementary and middle school they had a challenge for us, if your class had more participants you would win a pizza party.  It was cut throat, the determination, competitive spirit of us 5th graders… it…
Thursday, 18 May 2023 19:09

Yard Work Jamz w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello all, as the weather has finally seemed to break into more steady nice weather… it’s time to get some yard work done!  So let’s talk about music that gets you stoked to mow the lawn, weed your garden or whatever is on your outside goal list.  As someone who loves to be outside either for leisure or manual labor, music is a must!  Of course I think it depends on your mood but here are a few songs that I really dig for my outside time.  P.S. Here is a friendly reminder to wear sunscreen and apply it often.…
Wednesday, 17 May 2023 18:23

Blink-182 w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello all!  As you know there was a big concert at Rocket Mortgage last night. Blink-182 came to town and took all of us back to our younger years, it was incredible!  I was fortunate to be able to attend and hang out with Brady and Alyssa plus many more amazing people.  Beauty School Dropout opened, sadly I didn’t see them BUT I heard they did fantastic.  Turnstile is a personal favorite of mine and of course I loved every second of their set! Sorry to those around me as I was screaming all the lyrics and living my best…
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