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Grandma Louise Day w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello everyone! 

Today I wanted to highlight my Grandma Louise, we were able to spend the day together and boy did we have fun! 

To say that I am lucky to have my Grandma at the age of 34 is an understatement. She is so strong and incredible and such a great role model for the youths of the family. 

My Gram loves tea so we popped into the New World in Wadsworth and right next door we experienced this adorable shop called Uniquely Handmade You with over 100 local vendors. 

Funny moment: the owner of Uniquely Handmade You is in a band called “Big Johnson” 

Highlight of the day: showing Grandma Louise the radio station and having her on the air during Brady’s shift! It was adorable and I’ll never forget that with her. You can hear the break below… Gram was very unsure of the name Death Cab For Cutie.  

I know it’s hard to get together with family and friends but remember, we only have so much time and we can’t get that time back. Embrace the moments you can and stay present. 

As always, take care of yourself, 
Love, Carrie Danger 

P.S. I played her Blink-182 and Death Cab just for reference 



Gramma at Store

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