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Holiday Thoughts w/ Carrie Danger

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Hey everyone!

Been a while but here we are! With the holidays here I thought we should touch on one of the many reasons for all the pretty lights, the beautiful trees and the big family gatherings. 

Talking with my tattoo artist she made some great points about why the holidays are her favorite, it feels GOOD to decorate and share quality time with friends and family! 

Really, it can be hard to power through this cold and busy time of year but take a moment to remember it’s not about the savings and the spending and the gifting… it’s about having FUN and making memories with the ones you love. 

It’s nice to give and recieve gifts but don’t feel like you have to. A girlfriend of mine is saving for a wedding and just bought a house and she loves to give actual gifts but it’s tight this year. So I suggested she could just make everyone her soup or something that is her “thing”. 

What I’m saying is, have the most fun decorating your home if you’re into it. Go drive around and look at the house lights and don’t feel any pressure to actually buy things for others. It’s just stuff. Life is so short we don’t need to be so hard on ourselves especially during the coldest time of year.

Attached are some of my favorite holiday songs <3 

I love you all, have a great safe holiday season and take care of yourself! 

Carrie Danger




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