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Band of Horses & Revivalists w/ Carrie Danger

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Happy Monday to you all! Last night I was able to attend The Revivalists w/ Band of Horses and The Heavy Heavy at Jacobs Pavilion. 

The energy was incredible from the start considering the show was delayed due to a downpour. *note to self, don’t wear a long dress if it might possibly rain* 

So the night kicked off with The Heavy Heavy, a UK based band that really brings a sense of nostalgia to the stage. They made me feel like I was in a late 60’s early 70’s indie film, it was great. It was also really great to see the band had embraced the Cleveland sports scene, they said they made it to the Guardians game on Saturday night and they all wore Guardians button up jerseys. I should have mentioned to them that José Ramírez doesn’t get in fights all that often… what a way to see the boys for the first time. Overall, the band sounded wonderful and when I went to their merch I was able to get my shirt signed. 

Next up, Band of Horses. Interestingly, when I was talking to folks hiding out from the rain under an awning they would say “I didn’t realize that The Revivalists were playing with BOH.” Either way, the SC based band hit the stage and wow did they blow me away! I missed them last fall at Blossom when they toured with The Black Keys so this was a treat PLUS they are one of my honey’s favorite bands so getting to see him enjoy this was top tier. One of my favorite parts of the performance was just how down to earth and friendly they were. You could hear in their music and sense in their energy they are from the south… but in a nice way. They sounded just as they do on their albums which is always a great sign. Of course we all know ‘The Funeral’ but recently I found the songs ‘No One’s Gonna Love You’ & ‘Is There A Ghost’ from their 2007 album Cease To Begin. Now seeing those performed live… wow, a moment to remember! Continuing on with CLE Sports… the lighting they had for a moment was giving Cleveland Browns! 

Finally The Revivalists took the stage and I was surprised to see they have 2 drummers! That is something I always find fascinating, the duo didn’t always drum at the same time but for a few of the songs they seemed to be perfectly in sync with each other, that is a musical connection. The pianist was amazing and ripped up a great solo, not only that… he played guitar too. Also surprising, they had a sax player. It’s amazing to see a show live without really having dove into the band a ton to see what they’re about. The lead singer was in all white and really knew how to work the crowd, getting on hands and knees and right down there with folks in the front row. I have to say as much as I love their originals, I think I fell in love with The Revivalists because they covered Radiohead’s ‘High and Dry’ and right then and there… I melted. 

Obviously, the merch was acquired as you might have figured out by now… I have a problem! 

I hope you enjoyed the show and thank you for reading!
As always, take care of yourself.
Love, Carrie Danger





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