Wednesday, 22 March 2023 19:07

Danger Zone - Arlo Parks & Beach Weather

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Tonight in the Danger Zone I am featuring two songs that focus on growth and self awareness. 

That's the beauty of music, you can be going through just about anything and find a song that really speaks to you and in some cases for you. 

To start we have Arlo Parks, a young musician who is finding her footing through her 20's, is able to take these new experiences and turn it into something beautiful with her new single 'Weightless'. You can watch the video below. Arlo Parks will release her second studio album 'My Soft Machine' May 26th. 


Wrapping the DZ we have Beach Weather with their latest single from their recently released album 'Pineapple Sunrise', the track is called 'Unlovable'. 

“Unlovable” is honest, acknowledging the flaws that make someone hard to love and wishing for just the smallest bit of validation after feeling like a letdown. 

When speaking on the album as a whole singer Nick Santino says, "

This whole record has themes of melancholy and loneliness while also feeling hopeful and optimistic for what's ahead. The concept of Pineapple Sunrise is rooted in the search for eternal happiness, mindfulness and being content with discovering and loving your inner self." You can listen to "Unloveable" below. 



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