Tuesday, 21 March 2023 19:11

Music & Mental Health

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Hey guys, so tonight I thought I would touch on mental health and music. As we all know music is so good for the soul, if we are sad, happy and even indifferent. 

Today I had my regular walk in this beautiful weather and even though I didn't have music playing (I like to listen to nature) there was a song in my heart that kept playing on repeat. THEN I was thinking about all the ways we can take care of ourselves. You can move your body in whatever way feels right, listen to your favorite music or new music you didn't know about, take a hot shower or bath. Even something that you might think isn't self care... cleaning your room, making your bed. I could go on for days but the point is take a moment to take care of yourself in whatever way feels right.  

Take a deep breath, check your piechart and take care of yourself. 

Here is the song that was stuck in my head and HEY we play it on our station! Download our free app and enjoy great music anytime, anywhere! 



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