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QOTSA "In Times New Roman...." w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello there! 

As many of you know, Queens of the Stone Age (QOTSA) dropped their latest 8th studio album “In Times New Roman…” on Friday June 16th. Now as a loyal fan, of course I listened 3 times over while performing various activities. 

I dig it, all of it. From start to finish this album is 47 minutes 37 seconds and very in your face and VERY QOTSA. In an interview Josh Homme says he wanted this album to sound brutal. According to Josh, it’s all about risk. 

The lead track is called “Obscenery” and it’s right to the point with lyrics like “voyeurism-jism”. 

Now this is the first album since their 2017 ‘Villains’ album, which I listened to everyday for over a month. During the time since that release Homme endured some hard times. One… a global pandemic. Also, a nasty divorce and lengthy custody battle for his children AND a cancer diagnosis just last year. Josh said in an interview with Consequence “Some records are made ahead of their time and behind their time, and some are made of their time, and I don’t think you really get a choice on that… I think this record was made of its time”. 

In an interview with NME ahead of the album's release, Homme spoke on how life events had an influence on the recording of In Times New Roman...:

"I think when you're dealing with the extreme ups and downs of life, you don't stop and go: 'I should really make a record.' Those things don't exist in that moment. If your roof is flooding, you don't say: 'We should make a record about this!' You have to stop yourself drowning in a flood. We recorded it probably two-and-a-half years ago, but it just sat there waiting to be finished. I didn't sing it until last November. I wasn't done living. Honestly, I was probably afraid. I wasn't ready. You need the flood to be over, and then you can decide whether you can accept the flood. I think with this being a record about acceptance, you need to actually get there yourself."

I personally enjoy the crunchy guitar and beautiful vocals of Josh Homme I have come to know and love over the years. To top it off I can relate in some way to each song I have ever heard by QOTSA. 

To conclude, the last song is 9:01 and what a journey that is… the first listen I was shocked to see I was still on the same song. ‘Straight Jacket Fitting’. I love it. 

I hope you enjoy this album as much as I do! 
As always, take care of yourself! 
Love, Carrie Danger




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