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Thursday, 13 July 2023 06:49

The Pregame Has Changed

I remember in my reckless youth, getting ready for concerts, there were certain essentials, the specifics of which aren't all that necessary LOL! In fact, often times it was the pregame that I looked forward to more than the actual show! Crazy, right?! Right. 

Well now I'm older and, errrr wiser(?), and riddled with more back pain than ever before, so my "pregame" has taken on a whole new meaning. Where I used to be meeting up with friends for drinks before a show (I don't drink any more), now I'm making sure I'm stretched out, I'm well hydrated, and I have everything I need - phone, wallet, keys, Dr. Scholl's inserts, etc. 

Coming up the weekend of the 21st I'm heading out of town to see my favorite band two nights at Star Lake in PA. I know what lies ahead - dancing! That's right, I'm a dancer. Not professional by any means, it's more of a hobby at this point. But I've been gradually getting my cardio up in preparation. No joke - I've been dancing to music in the privacy of my own home... and sometimes while I'm mowing my lawn, which is a lot less private (sorry, Neighbor Bill). I mean, you don't just run a marathon without jogging a little bit beforehand, right?!  

My point is, as we get older, we have to consider more things, like our proclivity to pull a muscle or bust a hip. So play it safe - stretch, hydrate, update your Emergency Contact information, but most of all, have fun.  

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