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Friday, 10 November 2023 06:24

Ralphie's Back in Cleveland!!!

Ryan talks with Peter Billingsley who played Ralphie in "A Christmas Story!" He's back in town for the 40th Anniversary celebration of the film that was filmed in Cleveland! Here the interview below! 

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Thursday, 12 October 2023 07:45

Everyday I'm Shufflin'

Nothing beats teambuilding... unless you couple teambuilding with shuffleboard! 

Went out to Forest City Shuffleboard with the 107.3 ALT CLE squad (see photo) and lemme tell you, it was a BLAST! I'd never played before, unless you count gym class in grade school, which begs the question that was part of the cirriculum... But as an adult, I have a renewed appreciation for the game and it's all thanks to Forest City Shuffleboard. 

So I teamed up with Brady Marks, who claims to have never played as well. Word of advice: if you can be on her team, do it, and if she ever challenges you to a "friendly game of shuffleboard," hard pass! She's deceptively good, which leads me to believe she was sandbaggin' and is some kind of professional shuffleboarder (I'm doing more research as we speak). 

Since they've opened at 4506 Lorain Avenue in 2017, business is booming! Hosting leagues, work parties, party parties, reunions, and more! They do it all, and not just with the shuffleboard, but with their kitchen! I had the this chicken slider (see reaction photo below). Heavenly, really! And on a personal note, for someone who doesn't drink (me), Forest City Shuffleboard provides a lot more than just your average bar. Obvi, the shuffleboard, but there are arcade games, and more... They even have that punch game so you can impress your date... or embarass yourself, but that's not the point. The point is there's so much more! 

Forest City 2

And the staff is so cool! Lexi in marketing and Brian behind the bar - great folks! So book your next party and help support a terrific local biz! As for me, I'll be steady shufflin' shufflin' shuffle-shufflin'... You get it. 

Forest City 3

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Friday, 15 September 2023 05:52

Dave King from Flogging Molly

Dave King from Flogging Molly sits down with Ryan to tell some Drunken Lullabies ahead of the band's stop in Cleveland. 


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Wednesday, 13 September 2023 08:01

A Slice of Cake w/ John McCrea

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Cake lead singer John McCrae to talk about the tour, talk about how misunderstood Cake was, and how some people just still don't get it. Click below to hear the full interview! 


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Saturday, 05 August 2023 07:09

I'll Have An Orange Juice

Today, Saturday, August 5th, 2023 marks the 1,460th consecutive morning that I’ve woken up with a clear head. Four years sober. It hasn’t always been easy, but I can honestly say it’s been a lot easier than the life I was living prior to August 5th, 2019. 

I won’t get into the details because that’s not the point. The point is that maybe you’re reading this and saying to yourself, Ya know… last night was rough. Maybe the past few nights, weeks, months, years have been rough and you’re ready to stop, but you don’t know how. 

If that’s the case, I know exactly what you’re going through. I’ve been right there in that same spot and I can tell you that there is hope, there is help, and there is a way out. Again, it’s not easy, but it gets easier. It gets better. 

Today I can wake up and I can be there for my family - for my wife and my sons and my step kids and my father. I can be a good husband and a good dad and a good son. I’m not saying I’m perfect, but I’ve allowed myself the chance to be present for them and for myself. And I’ve never been more grateful for anything in my entire life. 

Gratitude is the key, I’ve found. If I’m not grateful for the things I have and the things I’ve been so freely given, then what actually do I have? Not much. I used to take so much for granted. I felt that the universe owed me something, for whatever reason. Now I’ve realized it’s me who owes, dnd I remind myself that every single day. Again, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows, but I find myself making the best of most of it. 

Just yesterday, a friend and coworker shared this song by Noah Kahan called “Orange Juice.” I’m not sure she even knew, at the time, that I’m sober, and I KNOW she didn’t know that my sobriety date was the very next day, but man, this song hit me like a ton of bricks! I’ve shared it below, give it a listen, if only for the fact that Noah Kahan is incredible. 

So I’ll end by saying thank you. Thank you to my wife and to my children and to my dad and to my sisters and to my friends and my employer and coworkers and everyone who has been there for me, one day at a time. I appreciate all of you more than I’ll ever fully be able to express. And to the person reading this who’s struggling, drop me a note, we’ll chat… And maybe you’ll find that we have more in common than you think.. And maybe you’ll find that there is a better life out there and that you deserve it. 

As for me, I’ll have an Orange Juice… Much love.

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Thursday, 27 July 2023 07:25

Never Doubt Tom DeLonge

I live by one simple rule: never doubt any member of Blink-182, especially when they're talking about aliens. 

SO a while back, Blink guitarist and singer Tom DeLonge left music to pursue aliens. Well, to prove that they exist. He co-founded To The Stars... Academy of Arts and Sciences to that end... Well, as of yesterday it appears his work was not in vain. 

On Wednesday, UFO whistleblower and former U.S. intelligence officer David Grusch testified in front of the House Oversight Committee that not only UFOs but aliens exist!  Grusch sited aircraft of "nonhuman" origin and "biologics" that were recovered from a UAP (UFO) crash site!!!! DUDE! ALIENS!!! 

After this revelation, Tom DeLonge took to social media to say, "AH-HA!!!" Well, he didn't really say that specifically, but it was definitely an "I told you so" moment for the Blink guitarist and true believer.

Well, Tom, on behalf of all of us who never doubted you I ask, is it cool if we crash with you during the alien revolution?

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Thursday, 13 July 2023 06:49

The Pregame Has Changed

I remember in my reckless youth, getting ready for concerts, there were certain essentials, the specifics of which aren't all that necessary LOL! In fact, often times it was the pregame that I looked forward to more than the actual show! Crazy, right?! Right. 

Well now I'm older and, errrr wiser(?), and riddled with more back pain than ever before, so my "pregame" has taken on a whole new meaning. Where I used to be meeting up with friends for drinks before a show (I don't drink any more), now I'm making sure I'm stretched out, I'm well hydrated, and I have everything I need - phone, wallet, keys, Dr. Scholl's inserts, etc. 

Coming up the weekend of the 21st I'm heading out of town to see my favorite band two nights at Star Lake in PA. I know what lies ahead - dancing! That's right, I'm a dancer. Not professional by any means, it's more of a hobby at this point. But I've been gradually getting my cardio up in preparation. No joke - I've been dancing to music in the privacy of my own home... and sometimes while I'm mowing my lawn, which is a lot less private (sorry, Neighbor Bill). I mean, you don't just run a marathon without jogging a little bit beforehand, right?!  

My point is, as we get older, we have to consider more things, like our proclivity to pull a muscle or bust a hip. So play it safe - stretch, hydrate, update your Emergency Contact information, but most of all, have fun.  

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Sunday, 02 July 2023 14:50

Drone's Eye View: CLE Fireworks

I know, I know - no one wants to see my fireworks videos... Which is why I'm posting someone else's fireworks (thanks Cleveland.com). And it's from a drone camera, so it's even cooler! 

Happy Fourth, everyone! 

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Friday, 23 June 2023 14:40

WOW! What a Week!

The first week of "The Morning Hang w/ Ryan Lang" is in the books! 

It all started even before my first official show with a great night out at Blossom. Brady Marks and I had the unbelievable opportunity to introduce Don Broco to the stage! The Brittish band, along with Girlfriends, opened up for Pierce the Veil and The Used Saturday night. The crowd was electric, the music was incredible, and the night was one I'll never forget. 

IMG 2336

Then, after a wonderful Father's Day bouncing around Cleveland with my wife and kids, it was time to start the show Monday morning. A few bumps in the road at first (sorry Tame Impala *cringe emoji*), but with the help of Jake and Brady Marks, it's been an incredible week. 

Growing up listening to Cleveland radio legends, some of the best this business has to offer, I can honestly say this is a dream come true! Thank you for the chance to talk to you every morning. I'm beyond grateful! 

Now, let's have a Lang Hang! 

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