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Mix it up w/ Carrie Danger

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Hello everyone! 

If you know me by now you know I love to go for a walk and I am a big fan of routine to help keep me grounded. 

So you combine those and BOOM you’re left with a woman who likes to do the same trail the exact same way each time. Great but also it’s important to mix it up. 

Now I don’t get a ton of time to venture out to other walking places plus I feel safe where I go. 

Recently, I went on a walk and decided I would start the trail in the opposite direction… what a lovely change! I remember reading a study about mixing things up with the example of brushing your teeth but starting on the opposite side you usually do or if you brush in a clockwise direction go counterclockwise. 

"The science journal Nature Neuroscience found that adding variety to your daily routine can boost activity levels in your brain and make you feel happier.

It’s especially beneficial to mix up your environment, even in small ways like by taking a different commute to work."

So what I personally observed from my walk the opposite direction was different plants I never noticed before, the terrain was different of course but that worked different muscles. 

Now I won’t be mixing up my morning routine, lemon water first then coffee and so on… BUT this is a nice change of pace and my nephew seems to like it too! 

So challenge yourself to try something new or just walk in the opposite direction once in a while! 

I'm adding a song I personally enjoy and it gets me movin and groovin! 

Take care of yourself,
Love, Carrie Danger




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