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Hooked Like Helen w/ Carrie Danger 2.0

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Hey everyone! 

Today I had the pleasure of meeting and sitting down with Jon and Nikki also known as Hooked Like Helen!

Of course through this interview you will hear how they met and landed on the band’s name, it’s wonderful, and recovery along with how to have success on that journey. 

As September is National Recovery Month we wanted to discuss that and really how their music has touched so many fans who either directly or indirectly deal with addiction. 

Below you can listen to their latest hit ‘Sleepwalker’, I can tell you it really touched my soul when I listened. Also, they will be dropping their next single ‘Fraud’ on September 22nd. 

The message is clear, you are not alone and you are worthy of all the love and support. 

If you need resources and support I suggest you check out NAMI of Greater Cleveland. They will help you find your community so you can have success in your recovery. 

Keep up with Hooked Like Helen on their social media and website 

Thank you so much for listening and as always, take care of yourself! 
Love, Carrie Danger 





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