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Dirty Heads w/ Carrie Danger

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Hey folks! 

As you know the Dirty Heads played at Jacobs Pavilion on Monday night and it was a great show! 

We started the day with the exclusive sound check experience where we actually got to go up and get a photo with the Dirty Heads, super nice dudes! 

Alyssa and I had fun meeting everyone who stopped over to our booth to play a little plinko to win some merch. All the tie dye was incredible AND seeing all the 107.3 tie dye shirts really brought huge smiles to our faces! 

Starting things off was Ohio band Tropidelic, this marks my first time seeing these guys and they did not disappoint! 

G. Love and Special Sauce took the stage second and once again, what a great experience to see them rock the stage. Great energy all around! 

Lupe Fiasco went on next, WOW it was just Lupe and his DJ but for just two dudes on stage they really worked the crowd in such a great way! I don’t think I have gotten to experience such a presence from one artist on his own. It was a trip down memory lane when he played his 2007 hit ‘Superstar’! 

Headliners for their Island Glow Tour… Dirty Heads! The crowd went wild and these guys rocked it! Let me just say, I love to people watch, specifically at concerts. You will see so many different styles all in one place to enjoy the same music together as one! 

I hope you all enjoyed yourselves if you went! 

As always, take care of yourself. 
Love, Carrie Danger 

P.S. I can still smell the aroma of …. Well you know ;) 




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