Thursday, 16 March 2023 19:13

"Do I have to go?"

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As we get to another holiday focused on drinking, I am more aware of my age than ever!

Going out for St. Patty's Day doesn't sound appealing anymore. For one, the pubs are packed, you're more likely to over drink and please don't ever drink and drive. 

Making plans for St. Patty's Day got me thinking about plans in general and how it's a running joke with my friends that we always WANT to do something but the day comes and we slightly regret agreeing to go out. 

Turns out it's a pretty normal thing for most people. Make plans and then wish we hadn't. 

Most of the time you know you'll enjoy yourself once you're out of the house but, if you feel bad for regretting plans you've agreed to, don't... you're not alone!


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