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Ahead of his sold out show at the Agora on March 10th, I got to sit down with the lead singer of Blue October, Justin Ferstenfeld for a quick chat before he had to run off to sound check. To set the scene, I, along with our P.D. Alyssa, and her mom were led to his green room where he welcomed us with hugs, some water, and a general earnesty you wouldn’t typically expect from a rockstar. He carried that same energy with him the whole night. Whether it was with fans at sound check or talking to people in the crowd in between songs, he spoke to everyone from the heart. It helped explain why, aside from liking the sounds of Blue October, people love (and I mean LOVE) Justin… and they have for decades. 

You’ll hear Alyssa’s mom in the beginning mention her love for Blue October. Justin then goes on to call her “Mom” throughout the interview saying things like “sorry Mom” after he curses.

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