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kathyVogel squareJaci Fox burst onto the Cleveland radio scene in 2010, is an OCB alumni, and was honored with the Nev Chandler Excellence in Broadcasting award. 

Jaci is a theater brat turned broadcaster, (but not before snagging a couple of local acting awards). Since, she’s produced both on-air and off, hosted, cohosted, and also worked in commercial production. 

A rescue volunteer and animal advocate for nearly 30 years, Jaci has rehabilitated, trained and re-homed many homeless four legged fuzzy members of our community.

She’s Cleveland native, and thrilled to be back in her hometown, and to put it simply, loves our city. 


Monday, 03 April 2023 16:32

World's Most Expensive Chocolate Bunny is $49K

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British luxury company, Very First To is selling the world’s most expensive chocolate bunny is a whopping $49,000, made of Tanzanian cocoa, contains more calories than it costs in dollars, (548,000 calories). It’s a foot high and weighs 11 pounds, which is about the same as the average house cat, so this bad boy probably won't go down in one sitting, unless you're sharing with your closest couple dozen of friends... Oh, and it features a pair of diamond solitaires for eyes, valued at $37,000. So, really, you’re only getting $12,000 dollars worth of chocolate, kind of a rip off,…
Monday, 03 April 2023 14:19

Unleashed! Thunderstorm Fear

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With the upcoming holiday, I planned to talk about manners, but then, this weekend’s storms reminded me how quickly a 75 pound fluffy badass can turn into a timid, fearful Chicken Little with a crack of thunder. When you consider their hearing is 4 times ours and their sense of smell is 40 times ours, not only can they hear a storm in the distance, they can smell changes in the air; they’re more sensitive to barometric pressure changes and static electricity. So the thunder that is so loud it makes us wince, well, it’s four times as much to…
Friday, 31 March 2023 16:31

That's What She Drank: The Fresh Peach-tini

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This is the time of year when I like to lighten just about everything up, booze included, and you can't beat peaches for a perfectly fresh option for a spring cocktail. The fresh peach-tini can be served as a treat on its own or as a dessert drink. It's also great for Easter brunch. It utilizes fresh peach purée, peach vodka and of course, peach schnapps, (GOTTA have the schnapps)! The peach is a stone fruit, which might conjure images of biting into a rock, but, it just means fruit with a pit. It's botanical Latin name is prunus persica, which…
Thursday, 30 March 2023 14:01

Exploring The Land: March 30th

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If you love the True Crime and Paranormal Podcast And That’s Why We Drink, you’re in for a treat, Em and Christine are at The Agora tonight, show starts at 7:00.    If you’re feeling cultured, you can get your Shakespeare on with As You Like It, tonight through April 8th at the Hanna Theater.    But if you want a dose of more up to date laughter, check out Noises Off at the Beck Center, running tomorrow night through April 16th    You can always head to Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse to catch the Cavs take on New York tomorrow…
We have another double feature this week, because the shelter is STILL completely full - in fact so full, they have reduced adoption fees for dogs 5 months and older through to April 16th! We have two more fantastic pups, each needing to be welcomed into their very own forever homes. First, is Carter, an active 3 year old boxer mix, he is playful and FUN! He arrived to the shelter injured and timid, but, with some TLC, medical attention to his injured leg and some training, (yes, he's a graduate!) he’s feeling like his best self and is now…
Every Wednesday is a Welcome Home Wednesday, and because the shelter is literally completely FULL, we have a double feature, two fantastic pups, each who need to be welcomed into their forever homes. First is Scooby Doo, a mastiff shepherd mix who loves kids of all ages, would make an awesome family dog, a chewie aficionado, and yes, he kinda does resemble THE Scooby Doo. We also have She-Hulk, a terrier pittie mix who is a true people pup, a toy defluff queen, who would be great as an only fur kid so she can have her people all to…
Tuesday, 28 March 2023 15:55

Dark Waters: A Truly Local Film

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Dark Water premieres tonight at the Allen Theater for the Cleveland International Film Festival and this is truly a Cleveland film. Local cast and crew, as well as the owner of One Eye Wilde, local film maker Nonie Shiverick, the director is a Clevelander. Dark Water is a short about mental health, described by CIFF as "a woman suffering from severe panic attacks experiences vivid sensations of drowning that become increasingly, terrifyingly real." Scene Magazine said it's one of six films to definitely catch, and I kinda think they're right.   
Tuesday, 28 March 2023 14:24

Exploring The Land: Tuesday 3/28/23

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Here's what's going on around town: You can still catch Spring Discovery Days at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium Local film, Dark Water makes it's premiere tonight at The Allen Theater at 7:25 for the Cleveland International Film Festival at Playhouse Square. If you're into Bingo, but want your favorite adult beverage as well, you're in luck Boozy Bingo at The Winchester tomorrow night from 7-9. Thursday is National Take a Walk in the park Day, and The Geauga Park District is celebrating with a one mile hike with naturalists. Check their calendar for when and where here. Hosts Em and…
It's pretty frustrating when our pups don’t listen, but, with a little consistent positive reinforcement, you can have an obedience champ. Instead of “having to put the dog away,” how about being proud of his manners when company comes over, or instead of always leaving him behind when when you head out, you can bring Fido to BrewDog, knowing he won’t be an embarrassment on their patio? The three most basic commands, are not only the easiest to teach, they're the key to better behavior. We don’t lock kids up, we teach them how to behave around others, so why…
Friday, 24 March 2023 17:13

Fall Out Fallon: Cluck Cluck Boy

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Fall Out Boy appeared on Fallon last night, considering they're really into ridiculous fun, and I don't think Jimmy Fallon does anything that isn't fun, it's no surprise that a collaboration of hilarious nonsense would ensue, and it did... with an all clucking performance of Sugar We're Going Down from Cluck Cluck Boy. Check out the performance at the end of The Tonight Show segment Audience Suggestion Box in the video below.
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