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kathyVogel squareJaci Fox burst onto the Cleveland radio scene in 2010, is an OCB alumni, and was honored with the Nev Chandler Excellence in Broadcasting award. 

Jaci is a theater brat turned broadcaster, (but not before snagging a couple of local acting awards). Since, she’s produced both on-air and off, hosted, cohosted, and also worked in commercial production. 

A rescue volunteer and animal advocate for nearly 30 years, Jaci has rehabilitated, trained and re-homed many homeless four legged fuzzy members of our community.

She’s Cleveland native, and thrilled to be back in her hometown, and to put it simply, loves our city. 


Tuesday, 08 August 2023 15:18

These Local Restaurants Ranked In The Top 100 On Yelp

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Yelp released their top 100 midwest restaurants, and 4 of them are local!  Mizu Japanese Sushi Restaurant is number 28 Half Moon Bakery takes it's place at 48 Blue Door Café and Bakery landed at 51 Marble Room Steaks and Raw Bar came in at 75 You can check out the full list on Yelp.
Friday, 04 August 2023 16:30

That What She Drank: (If You Like) Pina Colada(s)

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"If you like Pina Coladas, gettin' caught in the rain..." How's that for an ancient earworm? You're Welcome. The Escape (AKA The Pina Colada Song), is one of those songs no one really knows where or when they heard it, but everyone knows it. But, IF you DO like Pina Coloadas, (although, I don't know anyone who likes being caught in the rain - c'mon Rupert), and if you hate corn syrup and artificial ingredients with terrifying names, like you'll get in the store bought mix, you'll like this original recipe for the coconut and pineapple classic. We can thank…
Wednesday, 02 August 2023 16:30

Welcome Home Wednesday: Meet Stratus!!

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Meet Stratus! This 5 year silver gent will have you soaring into the stratosphere with his sweet and chill personality (hence the name). Like a great guy who finds it awkward to ask his crush out, Stratus would love a chance to show you what a genuine gent he is. Unlike some dates, he has great house manners, and his foster family says he is a perfect, chill guest who just wants to keep you company and be a part of the family. He's even a bit of a couch potato - although food is just slightly more important, (but…
Wednesday, 26 July 2023 16:30

Welcome Home Wednesday: Meet Jewels!!

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Shine bright like a diamond? Jewels definitely does! Very playful, Jewels is a fun loving character who is always making the folks at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter smile with her antics. A 4 year old bulldog mix with a smile for days! Plus, she has a squishy, lovable face! Seriously, take a second to look at that face again, I'll keep your place in th​is post​ while you do... .Jewels can be a little nervous and not quite herself in her cage, but outside of it, she feels free to be herself and that's when she shines and sparkles. She…
Friday, 21 July 2023 16:30

That's What She Drank: The Hugo Spritz

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It's being hailed as the cocktail of the summer: the Hugo Spritz. It's light, refreshing and you can sip it all day and not end up in a ditch, (let's face it, that's not a good look). It comes to us from a town on the Northern Italy and Austrian border, where they replaced the normally bitter base of an Italian spritz cocktail with elderflower liqueur. It's also very popular in Austria and Switzerland. According to Liquor.com, the elderflower "allows the natural lemon and citrus notes found typically in prosecco to display more prominently." As if we need another reason to try it.…
Monday, 17 July 2023 16:26

That's What She Watched: Poker Face

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Now that we’ve got actors AND writers on strike, we’re stuck with what we’ve got or what was already in the can. For the record, I totally support the two strikes, especially as an actor. What I got paid for my first professional role was laughable, so I’m all for people making a living wage, whatever their profession.  Now, a somewhat recent show on Peacock, Poker Face, has gotten Natasha Lyonne an Emmy nom, as well as Judith Light for her guest role on the show (let's just say Light's character is intense). The start (Episode 1), is a little…
Beer is probably a burger's best friend, or maybe it's the other way around... either way, not every beer will go well with every type of burger and I think we've all ordered individual things we love on a menu, only to discover they don't exactly love each other in the realm of taste. Here's what brewers recommend for the many different types of glorious burger options we have. For a classic burger, you want something flavorful, like a classic or German lager - bitterness and hops bring balance to the meal.  Savory burgers with mushrooms or avocado - an…
Wednesday, 12 July 2023 16:27

Welcome Home Wednesday: Meet Esmeralda!

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If mastiff is your breed, Esmeralda is for you! This 3 yr old brindle mastiff mix entered the shelter as a stray, and has a compromised immune system, so she will need continued specialized veterinary care, but, once you meet this gentle giant, you will fall in love with her!! Esmeralda loves attention, has great leash-side manners, but is a little like a bulldozer once the zoomies kick in, so a home with older kids is best. She’s shy at first - but once she knows you, she’ll stick to you like glue!! Meet Esmeralda in person at the Cuyahoga…
Monday, 10 July 2023 16:30

That's What She Watched: Smartless: On The Road

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This is one I have been wanting to get to for a little bit now, but, we had too many new things hyped up all at once. Although the doc-com isn't getting the same amount of buzz as the podcast that Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes & Will Arnett decided to do on a whim at the start of the pandemic, but if you love Smartless - you'll enjoy Max's Smartless: On The Road as it adds another element, but also a deeper look at the guys' personalities. If you feel as though Sean Hayes is always getting ripped on during…
Before we know it, we'll be pulling out our hoodies and looking forward to pumpkin ale and as apetizing and as comfy as those things are - let's not sacrifice summer as a trade off just yet. We've got plenty of grill and summer drink time to get in before the leaves fall. So this week, it's the best of what we've covered for summer so far. Enter the Sangria! Is there anything more refreshing on a summer day than an ice cold glass of happy, plus fruit and more booze? I think not!! What's great, is there aren't really…
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