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kathyVogel squareJaci Fox burst onto the Cleveland radio scene in 2010, is an OCB alumni, and was honored with the Nev Chandler Excellence in Broadcasting award. 

Jaci is a theater brat turned broadcaster, (but not before snagging a couple of local acting awards). Since, she’s produced both on-air and off, hosted, cohosted, and also worked in commercial production. 

A rescue volunteer and animal advocate for nearly 30 years, Jaci has rehabilitated, trained and re-homed many homeless four legged fuzzy members of our community.

She’s Cleveland native, and thrilled to be back in her hometown, and to put it simply, loves our city. 


Monday, 20 March 2023 14:12

Unleashed: Escape Artists Part 2: The Fix

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We LOVE our dogs, but pretty much hate when they don’t listen after they take off running. The fix? As any trainer will tell you, it’s ideal to do preventative training, because it’s much easier than reversing unwanted behavior, but, that’s not always our choice. It certainly wasn’t mine. The methods to fix this though? Desensitization, Positive Redirection and Positive Reinforcement. In plain words? Exploit their favorite things, and praise like there’s no tomorrow. What is the most important thing to your dog? Mine is playing, hands down, followed by treats, and then his toys. Before I go further on…
Last night, I got out and Explored The Land and headed to Playhouse Square for Flanagan's Wake, (one of Cleveland's longest rinnung shows), and I see why. It's absolutely hilarious, in fact, I've never seen an audience enjoy themselves so much. After the show, I caught up with local actor and play write, John Busser, (who plays The Father in the show). I can say the show is definitely a good time, and it's never the same show twice, because each audience is part of the show! The premise is an Irish wake for the dearly departed Flanagan and his…
Thursday, 16 March 2023 16:18

That's What She Drank: The Guinness Float

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Every Friday, I share a That’s What She Drank cocktail - wait - don’t get excited, it’s still Thursday, (nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it’s Thursday), but, since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share this the day before, becaue I know many Clevelanders start their day of shenanigans much much earlier. So this week’s cocktail can be a dessert to pregame with tonight, or pair with a Reuben at lunch tomorrow, or, just something you treat yourself to, and it is sooooo easy. Plus, one of my favorite things about this is that you can customize…
Wednesday, 15 March 2023 14:02

Welcome Home Wednesday: She Hulk!

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Every Wednesday is a Welcome Home Wednesday, where we feature an awesome pup for you to welcome into your home, and this week, our girl is She Hulk, an almost 7 years young pittie mix who’s been called bossy, but we know that’s just code for confidence and knowing how it’s done! Those silly boy dogs have nothin on this confident lady. She has also been in the shelter for 153 days, and we know her family is out there! Super obedient, knows her basic commands, and walks fantastic on the leash! This is a girl who knows who should…
Monday, 13 March 2023 17:05

Unleashed: Escape Artists

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We love our pups, but it's frustrating when they don't listen, especially when they've escaped from the house or yard, but there are tips that can help you round up your escape artist easier than running after them angrily with leash in hand. Yikes... would you come back to you like that? I wouldn't. I happen to have experience in the escape artist canine arena... I've had 2 dogs with the issue. The first, a red Siberian who taught me just how little I knew about owning a willful and scary smart dog. The second, is my current guy, Marvel.…
All this week, we’ve honored the Women of Alternative for International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, and today, so does our cocktail. It’s The Hollaback Girl Cocktail. The backstory: In 2004, Courtney Love compared being famous to being in high school, then, fired shots at an unassuming Gwen Stefani, saying, "I have no interest in being Gwen Stefani. She's a cheerleader, and I have no interest in being a cheerleader." Stefani fired back, "you want me to be a cheerleader? Well I'll be one then, and I'll rule the whole world. You just watch me," and then she wrote…
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