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That's What She Drank: The Dirty Pasta Water Martini (yes, you read that right)

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Dirty Pasta Water Martini Dirty Pasta Water Martini Jaci Fox

This week our cocktail is a weird one. It's the Dirty Pasta Water Martini... but hear me out. My first reaction was Ew(!) then WHY?! But after reading about it, the science makes sense - pasta water is considered liquid gold in cooking for a reason; it adds a velvety smooth texture to sauces, and the silky mouthfeel is the point of this odd concoction. Being someone who loves the science and chemistry of cooking, I was now intrigued. If you like a classic or dirty martini - you'll most likely enjoy this oddball drink. 

It’s truly just the name “Dirty Pasta Water” that’s off putting, because yes, of course I tried it, and as promised, it had a silky feel, and I do like a good classic martini. The recipe is (if you dare). They really should rename it something more appealing, like the Silk Martini… or Velvet Gin Martini. Not long after trying this, I had a regular dirty martini - but something was missing. It just wasn't as good. I added pasta water and viola! It was delish. It really does enhance the flavor and texture...I think I'm hooked.

Dirty Pasta Water Martini

1/3 oz Dirty Pasta Water, cooled to room temp and strained (straining is a very important step)

2 oz Gin

Splash of Dry Vermouth

1/3 oz Olive Brine

Olives or Cocktail Onions for garnish

Pour pasta water, gin, vermouth and olive brine in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until well chilled. Strain into a martini glass with your favorite olives or cocktail onions. After you try this, you just might be ruined for a plain classic martini...

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