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Welcome Home Wednesday: These 4 Are Still Looking for Their Happily Ever After Homes

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First, a huge thank you to you for sharing our featured dogs' information! Because of you, senior bonded pair Lilo & Stitch, the sweet mastiff EsmeraldaStratus, the perfect gentleman and couch potato, Hank, the gentle giant and Buckley, the ladies man, all have their happily ever after homes!!

There are however, still a few who need to find their perfect humans. Jewels, the fun loving playgroup social butterfly, Hera, the pretty girl with good manners and expressive eyes, Bruno, the boy who can’t wait to show off all of his new obedience skills, and of course, Mary Poppins, who is described as “practically perfect in every way.” 

You can meet plenty of potential copilots at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and of course foster homes are always needed. You can also help the shelter through donations, supplies or volunteering. Consider a Cage Sponsorship or contributing to their Medical Relief Fund. Every little bit helps! You can also join their 4th annual Jog for Dogs 5K this Sunday September 17th!

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