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A Police Officer, a Drunk and a Dog: It's Wait What Wednesday

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A Colorado man was pulled over for speeding, but, because he had been drinking, the officer watched as this guy maneuvered to the passenger side, switching places WITH HIS DOG. The man exited the car out of the passenger door, and tried to clame he wasn't driving, but he showed clear signs of being drunk. 

When the officer asked if he'd been drinking - the man took off running, and made it a whole 20 yards. He was take to the hospital to be checked out, then was arrested on suspiscion of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, oh, and for previous warrants for his arrest. Einstein he is not.

You have got to be pretty freaking drunk to swap places with your canine copilot and blame him for speeding. That has got to be the ultimate "it wasn't me." Level up Shaggy style.

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