Friday, 17 March 2023 16:50

Exploring The Land: Flanagan's Wake at Playhouse Square

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Flanagan's Wake, playing now at Playhouse Square Flanagan's Wake, playing now at Playhouse Square Jaci Fox

Last night, I got out and Explored The Land and headed to Playhouse Square for Flanagan's Wake, (one of Cleveland's longest rinnung shows), and I see why. It's absolutely hilarious, in fact, I've never seen an audience enjoy themselves so much. After the show, I caught up with local actor and play write, John Busser, (who plays The Father in the show). I can say the show is definitely a good time, and it's never the same show twice, because each audience is part of the show! The premise is an Irish wake for the dearly departed Flanagan and his friends and family kinda forgot the details, but the audience is there to remind them. 

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