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That's What She Drank: The Guinness Float

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The Guinness Float The Guinness Float Jaci Fox

Every Friday, I share a That’s What She Drank cocktail - wait - don’t get excited, it’s still Thursday, (nothing ruins your Friday like realizing it’s Thursday), but, since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I thought I'd share this the day before, becaue I know many Clevelanders start their day of shenanigans much much earlier. So this week’s cocktail can be a dessert to pregame with tonight, or pair with a Reuben at lunch tomorrow, or, just something you treat yourself to, and it is sooooo easy. Plus, one of my favorite things about this is that you can customize it to your liking. I suggest Bailey’s Ice Cream, but, think about all the variations of flavored stouts. Chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, (ooooh, peanut butter), caramel, and never forget good ol trusty vanilla. The other thing I like about this, is if you’re enjoying this at home with the kiddos, you can make them their own kid friendly soda floats; it doesn’t exclude them in celebrating, which is never a big deal to adults, but I promise, a someone born 9 years behind the youngest in my family, being constantly excluded stinks. 

 The hsitory goes all the way back to the first Guinness Master Brewer, Arthur Guiness (turns out - he wasn't a myth), and yes, he DID sign a 9,000 year lease in Dublin in 1759, but, the lease was granted with a limited water supply that the company doing the leasing actually attempted to cut off from over use, and well, Arthur Guiness kinda lost it. Literally. A document on the Guinness website states his reaction:‘Mr Guinness violently rushed upon them wrenching a pickaxe from one and declaring with very much improper language, that they should not proceed.’ Kinda love that.

The Guinness Float

 2 scoops of Bailey’s ice cream (or your preferred flavor)

1 bottle of Guinness 

Chocolate Syrup (or coordinating preferred syrup)

Add scoops of ice cream to a tall glass, then slowly pour in your Guinness and drizzle with chocolate syrup. And wallah! It’s happines in a glass.

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