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kathyVogel squareJaci Fox burst onto the Cleveland radio scene in 2010, is an OCB alumni, and was honored with the Nev Chandler Excellence in Broadcasting award. 

Jaci is a theater brat turned broadcaster, (but not before snagging a couple of local acting awards). Since, she’s produced both on-air and off, hosted, cohosted, and also worked in commercial production. 

A rescue volunteer and animal advocate for nearly 30 years, Jaci has rehabilitated, trained and re-homed many homeless four legged fuzzy members of our community.

She’s Cleveland native, and thrilled to be back in her hometown, and to put it simply, loves our city. 


Okay, so I'm not actually covering alcohol this week, but I am talking about something essential when it comes to mixed drinks, (and more), and that's ice! Especially with the hot temps being right on board with the unofficial kickoff of summer this week. Some areas ​are ​enjoying the hospitality of Ohio's Mother Nature treating them to temps reaching into the 90's. What is Ohio's Mother Nature's deal anyway? What does she have against a normal spring? Does she want the Guardians to do better? Is she as upset about the Browns as everyone else? If that's the case, take…
Thursday, 01 June 2023 14:37

Exploring The Land: Pride, Death Cab AND Paramore!!

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Pride ROCKS at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is today kicking off Pride in The CLE - starting at 5:00. Comedian Paul Vrizi is at Hilarities tonight, show starts at 7:00. The Lake Erie Crushers take on the gateway Grizzlies tonight at Mercy Health Stadium, first pitch is at 6:35 The Lake County Captains take on the Quad Cities River bandits tonight at Classic Park, first pitch is at 7:00. The Mike Polk Jr Show Live is at Hilarities tomorrow night, show starts at 9:45. Comedian Brooks Wheelan is at Pickwick & Frolic tomorrow night, show starts at…
Tuesday, 30 May 2023 15:54

Exploring The Land

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The Lake Erie Crushers take on the Gateway Grizzlies at Mercy Health Stadium tonight and Thursday night. First pitch​ for​ both games is​ 6:35.  The Lake County Captains take on the Quad Cities River Bandits at Classic Park tonight, tomorrow and Thursday night. First pitch for all three games is​​ 7:00. Walnut Wednesday from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM every Wednesday through September 6th. Guided Walking Tour: Downtown Art, from 2-4 PM through June 28th. Comedian Akaash Singh is at Hilarities tomorrow night, the show starts at . Boozy Bingo at The Winchester Wednesdays from 7 - 9 PM through July 17th. Pride…
Friday, 26 May 2023 16:37

That's What She Drank: Booze & BBQ!!

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What kind of beer goes best with BBQ ribs? Which wine with BBQ chicken? Red? White? What?!? I took a look at that for you, and it turns out, for BBQ ribs a darker, maltier beer is ideal, porters, brown ales and even dark lagers. Those are the best choice for a loaded backyard burger as well. What about that guest who “only drinks wine,” well you don’t want them whining, so a cab or Shiraz is a good option, and even one of my faves, a red zinfandel. BBQ chicken? Light to medium bodied reds or a full bodied…
The Berea National Rib Cook-Off at the Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds starts tomorrow at noon through Memorial Day. Comedian Shular King is at the Improv tomorrow night. Tremont Greek Festival also starts tomorrow at noon and runs through Memorial Day. Cedar Point's Fronteir Festival is on now and runs through June 18th Comedian Gianmarco Soresi is at Hillarities tomorrow night Guardians take on the Cardnials tomorrow night, first pitch at 7:10. Saturday night, first pitch at 7:15, plus a game Sunday afternoon, first pitch 1:40. Reggae Festival at Voinovich Park Saturday and Sunday  
Wednesday, 31 May 2023 15:30

Welcome Home Wednesday: STILL ALL OF THEM!!

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Our pet of the week this week is still ALL OF THEM!! The folks at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter are spreading out the Memorial Day celebration and the unofficial kick off of summer, (until Sunday June 4th) with a Red White & Woof special with just 30 dollar adoptions. Check out super sweet and very well mannered bonded pair Lilo & Stitch who are so ready to go home with you to prove that yes, 2 dogs ARE in fact better than one. You can also meet fun and sassy Kelly, a retriever spaniel mix who's ready to show you besties at first sight is real!…
Tuesday, 23 May 2023 14:12

Invasion of the Midges!

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On the Eastside, I saw a few of them Friday, a few more Saturday and I actually had the thought, "maybe there won't be too many of them this year..." Then Sunday, cue the little girl from Poltergeist with her most iconic line, "they're baaaaaaaaack." Midges, not to be confused with mayflies, (but are an indicator that mayflies are on the way), are also known as Canadian soldiers and muckleheads and made their 2023 debut over the weekend. Sunday and Monday were the worst at my place with swarms clinging to my house and garage. Even though it's not fun…
Not long ago, I happened upon something in the beer section that I couldn't wait to try, then couldn't wait to share in this segment. It's no secret I am a HUGE Southern Tier fan, and well, what I stumbled across was from my beloved brewery that I hadn't seen before, Vanilla Scoop Imperial Ale and Hazelnut Deluxe Imperial Stout.  I normally like lighter brews moving into summer, but that won't ever stop me from enjoying a dessert stout. (Southern Tier also has some lighter wheat releases that I will be covering in another That's What She Drank coming soon).  Now, I made the…
Thursday, 18 May 2023 16:30

Exploring The Land: Stand Up in NEO!

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Don't Believe in Ghosts is at the Foundry tonight. Kevin Hart is at the Football Hall of Fame tonight. Marlon Wayans will be at the Improv tonight and tomorrow night. Tom Papa will be at Playhouse Square tomorrow night at the Mimi Ohio Theater. The Cleveland Asian Festival is in Saturday and Sunday. Bill Maher is at MGM Northfield Park Saturday. 
A Colorado man was pulled over for speeding, but, because he had been drinking, the officer watched as this guy maneuvered to the passenger side, switching places WITH HIS DOG. The man exited the car out of the passenger door, and tried to clame he wasn't driving, but he showed clear signs of being drunk.  When the officer asked if he'd been drinking - the man took off running, and made it a whole 20 yards. He was take to the hospital to be checked out, then was arrested on suspiscion of driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs, oh, and…
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