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kathyVogel squareJaci Fox burst onto the Cleveland radio scene in 2010, is an OCB alumni, and was honored with the Nev Chandler Excellence in Broadcasting award. 

Jaci is a theater brat turned broadcaster, (but not before snagging a couple of local acting awards). Since, she’s produced both on-air and off, hosted, cohosted, and also worked in commercial production. 

A rescue volunteer and animal advocate for nearly 30 years, Jaci has rehabilitated, trained and re-homed many homeless four legged fuzzy members of our community.

She’s Cleveland native, and thrilled to be back in her hometown, and to put it simply, loves our city. 


Wednesday, 20 September 2023 16:30

Welcome Home Wednesday: Hera!!

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This pretty girl has floppy ears and expressive eyes that will melt your heart - a 7 year old super sweet terrier pittie mix, who has been at the shelter since March - her foster family says she’s the kind of well behaved guest you want to stay!  Zero accidents, and she even puts herself to bed. Hera is a people pup - just like a people person, but so much better, so she’ll make a great only copilot.  You can meet plenty of potential copilots at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter and of course foster homes are always needed. You can also help the…
This week our cocktail is a weird one. It's the Dirty Pasta Water Martini... but hear me out. My first reaction was Ew(!) then WHY?! But after reading about it, the science makes sense - pasta water is considered liquid gold in cooking for a reason; it adds a velvety smooth texture to sauces, and the silky mouthfeel is the point of this odd concoction. Being someone who loves the science and chemistry of cooking, I was now intrigued. If you like a classic or dirty martini - you'll most likely enjoy this oddball drink.  It’s truly just the name…
First, a huge thank you to you for sharing our featured dogs' information! Because of you, senior bonded pair Lilo & Stitch, the sweet mastiff Esmeralda, Stratus, the perfect gentleman and couch potato, Hank, the gentle giant and Buckley, the ladies man, all have their happily ever after homes!! There are however, still a few who need to find their perfect humans. Jewels, the fun loving playgroup social butterfly, Hera, the pretty girl with good manners and expressive eyes, Bruno, the boy who can’t wait to show off all of his new obedience skills, and of course, Mary Poppins, who is described as “practically perfect in every way.”  You can…
The final segment of my trip to Southern Tier covers why I went to begin with - there’s a new member to the Pumking family, Caramel Pumking, and to get a fall preview for you, but Lydia shared so much more and let me pick her brain for beer knowledge. In Part 1, we covered late summer brews and food pairings - plus Lydia’s personal concoction of a double IPA and a Sour, called Berry Gusher, which is refreshing, delish (and dangerous at 9% ABV). In Part 2, I was also introduced to a very unique brew that’s technically a…
Wednesday, 06 September 2023 16:23

Welcome Home Wednesday: Meet Mary Poppins!

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M​eet Mary Poppins​!! She is the lovely pup we want to introduce to you!! Mary is a 5 year old​, white and tan pittie mix and according to the folks at the shelter she is practically perfect in every way! She’s calm, loves other dogs and would be excellent with kids!! If you’re looking for a super sweet family pup, she just might be your spoonful of sugar. You can meet Mary Poppins in person at the Cuyahoga County Animal Shelter, or, if you can’t adopt, Mary Poppins does need a foster home to finish recovering from heartworm as she finishes treatments…
For part 2 of my trip to Southern Tier on Prospect, we’re taking a look at the transitional summer to fall beers on offer - for days like we had this week - chilly, but not cold, yet, warm but not hot. There are a few brews Southern Tier offers for this transition, and I think their Praise the Haze IPA is a good option - very, very piney, a classic east coast IPA, (just like a Carolina Pine Forest), is one for those days that are definitely still summer like. Southern Tier recommends their Harvest IPA. Now, I don’t generally like…
Thursday, 31 August 2023 14:06

Do You Remember?

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This week, we've been giving away Cedar Point single day passes with the Easiest Trivia Ever which has been about the rides, past present and future, and we've been having a great time reminiscing - we've had listeners chime in who've worked there with the amusement park's motto burned into her psyche, some remembering how rough a ride Mean Streak was (truly mean indeed), and the Blue Streak was one of our listeners very first real coaster ride.
Wednesday, 30 August 2023 16:30

Welcome Home Wednesday: Let's Talk About Bruno!

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We are SO talking about Bruno!! That is the name of the pup we want you to introduce you to this week. Bruno is a fun, energetic guy who came to the shelter when he was just 9 months old - he’s now almost a year and a half, which means he’s spent almost 1/2 of his life in a shelter, and doesn’t know much of a home life. The folks at the shelter realized this and hooked him up with Miracle K9 training for 30 days and he came back with leash manners and knows all kinds of cammands…
Last night, I met with Lydia from Southern Tier at their taproom on Prospect with the intent of doing a fall preview… but… when you get two people together who are passionate about beer, food and love their jobs, well, it turns into something bigger, and well, we ended up closing the place down. The thing is, everything I've ever had from Southern Tier, I've liked, (and would go as far as to say loved), so it was truly a pleasure to hang out and learn the methods to their insanely delicious madness. They take flavor seriously, have a great…
Wednesday, 23 August 2023 16:30

Welcome Home Wednesday: Meet Buckley!!

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Buckley is a handsome bulldog mix - and if Petey, the Little Rascals dog and the RCA dog Nipper had a love puppy - it'd be Buckley! Am I right? Buckley is a bit of a lady's man since he knows he's got it going on in the looks department and the ladies pups do too - a home with girl fur kids will work, not so much with boys as Buckley likes being the boss. As for humans? He loves all, big and small! He does need a little help in the leash department, but, once he gets up…
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